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Join us on Saturday, July 27th for our first Balance Retreat, hosted by Shawna Stienwand, owner of Balance Everywear, and Dianne Goldade, yoga teacher and Spring Forest Qi Gong instructor.

Our focus for the retreat is Balance for Women and, although we encourage participation in the planned events, we also welcome you to explore other experiences that will be available throughout the day. 

Scheduled sessions:

9:30 am - Welcome, coffee & tea, muffins

10:00 am - Yoga, Meditation & Desire Mapping with Shawna Stienwand & Natalie Laurin

11:45 am - Lunch & Reflection

12:45 pm - Kundalini Yoga with Donna Edwards

2:00 pm - Spring Forest Qi Gong with Dianne Goldade

3:00 pm - Final Thoughts

Additional Experiences During the Day:

Massage, Desire Mapping, individual art & painting, visiting garden area and personal quiet time, as needed.


Investment in self: $120 

Pre-ordered lunch options, provided by Little Fast & Fresh: $15

Snacks provided throughout the day


Thank you for spending the day with us.  If you have any questions, please email: or text her 306.961.6310