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Six Week Restorative Session

Ongoing classes 

Although your pelvic floor is hidden from view, these muscles can be consciously controlled and "worked out", similar to strengthening other muscles, like your abs, hamstrings or biceps.

With a pelvic floor program, you can target your deep core muscles, flatten your tummy, improve your posture, stabilize your pelvis and spine, reduce muscle imbalance and, the one most people know about, prevent incontinence. 

A strong pelvic floor is so much more than being able to jump on the trampoline or to go for a run without "dribbling".

Join Shawna for Pelvic Floor Restore course.  For more information, please text Shawna at 306.961.6310. 

Maximum 6 participants per class. Please bring a yoga mat and a thera-stretch band, if you own them.

Register online HERE and use checkout code: WORKSHOP




Please talk to Shawna about the option to bring your babies and pre-schoolers to these sessions.


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Drop-In Small Group Yoga Classes with Shawna Stienwand

Classes are small.  Space is safe without intimidating full size, wall mirrors.  Students requiring modifications are welcome. 
advanced yoga...and equally important, in everyday life.
Pelvic Floor Restore Yoga    Tuesday       9:00 am - 10:00 am
Gentle Yoga is for those who are wanting a softer, nurturing, slow-flow, supportive and relaxing class.  This is a hidden gem of yoga style and it's gentle pace makes it a great class for those with less yoga experience and for those who want to take moving from pose to pose.
Flow Yoga    Thursday      9:00 am - 10:00 am
Add this class in to keep moving forward in your life. Move with your breath, focus your attention on each pose.  Get our of your head and spend this hour moving on your mat. 

Prices for Drop-In Classes or Small Group Classes

Drop-In Class  $18
10 Class Punch Pass  $150
Available online or instore 


Please note: A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Par-Q) and waiver will need to be completed prior to your first session or class.  If you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, a physician's written approval may be required. 


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Love Your Tribe 

Pick your tribe.  Pick your time.  Pick your yoga.

In our busy lives, the opportunity for women to come together is often limited or neglected.  We are the caregivers, the center of our family's life, the supporters in our communities and often feel an emotional gap.  

Your "tribe" helps you be a better mother, friend, partner.  Simply being with other women is restorative.  

Connect with your tribe.  

Private, small group yoga sessions are available for your tribe.  Gather your tribe of 4-6 friends and schedule your exclusive sessions, taught by Balance Everywear owner, Shawna Stienwand.  A minimum of four is required for each session.  

For available times and rates, please email

Pssst....Several daytime sessions are still available.  Recharge while your minis are in school.    


 Balance Everywear

Ideas for Private Small Group Sessions

Do you have a small group of friends who are interested in exclusive, private  scheduled sessions?  We love this! 

4-6 adults needed per group, choose your session day and time and schedule your session length.  Minimum of 4 participants per session required.  

Here's a sample of small groups we can focus on:

Yoga for Adults 

This 'all levels' class provides a balance of held poses as well as poses flowing in a progression from one to another.  With a combination of postures and movement, both beginners and more experienced students can enjoy their practice.


Improve your flexibility, balance and strength in this small, supportive and safe environment. Aging, without movement, means our muscles can start to stiffen and joints can lose their range of motion.  Yoga can help slow down the effects of the aging process and many age-related issues. This is a great class for increasing the strength of the small muscles around your joints that aid in stability.  Please Note: You need to be able to sit on the ground to do this class.  


Yoga Basics/Beginner/Yoga Phobic

This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of  yoga. The class is a slower pace and and focuses on learning foundation poses.  Come learn the yoga basics in a supportive environment with a small group of others, just as new to yoga (or as afraid) as you are.


Active Adults & Athletes 

This yoga class is designed for adults and athletes who are already active in their daily life.  You will be lead through poses, sequences and holds that will challenge your strength, flexibility and focus.  These sessions will be the perfect compliment to your already active lifestyle.


Buddha Body

We want all body types to be comfortable in their sessions.  We take standard yoga poses and modify them so that larger individuals are able to successfully practice yoga and build movement into their lives.  This class allows students to gradually improve their balance, flexibility and confidence.


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Shawna Stienwand, Owner of Balance Everywear

Shawna has been a part of the fitness industry since 1990 when she first completed her group fitness certificate through SPRA.  Her passion for fitness was fueled by being able to help people.  She loves working with people and watching them develop, improve, advance and reach their goals.  She has always dreamed of teaching in her own space. 

Shawna has actively been teaching fitness, bootcamps, fitness, yoga, and spin over the past 27 years.  Since moving to Okotoks, Shawna has been instructing at Natural High, Okotoks Recreation Centre and Town of Okotoks.


Facial Therapist, The Esthetics Institude Training Center, 2019

Core Essentials and Functional Core Strengthening Certification from Physiofit Physical Therapy 2018

Kettlebell Training 2012

GoodLife Body Pump Training 2012

Keiser M3 Foundations Cycling Certification 2011

Yoga Certification, Frameworks Yoga Instructor Training, Level 2 2005, including preparatory poses for advanced poses, hands on adjustments, hand mudras and shakti yoga, vinyasa flow sequencing

Yoga Certification, Frameworks Yoga Instructor Training, Level 2 2003, including physical alignment in poses, adaptation of poses prevention of injuries, sequencing, meditation techniques

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