We've all heard the saying about looking after yourself first so you can look after your family and loved ones.  


Wellness is a growing component at Balance Everywear.  We recognize how easy it is to put this part of our lives on the back burner.   We have an in-house RMT, Amy Giordani, a Chiropractic Sport Specialist, Dr. Sarah Wuest, a Business/Entrepreneurial Coach, Erin Ekman,  Sweet Skin by Ivana who offers therapeutic skin care treatments and Rob Ralph, owner of Refresh Your Look.

Whether you're needing to relax, you're a muscular mess or need to get your life in line, come see us!  

Direct bookings are available through our drop down menu.

PS. Dr. Sarah is also a Canine Chiropractor.  Dog treatment are also available at Balance Everywear.