Deanna - Three Point Massage Therapy

Here at Balance on Elma we are excited to have Deanna owner of Three Point Massage Therapy join us!

She is available here at Balance on Elma on Mondays and Thursdays.  To bbok an appointment with Deanna visit the link below:

Deanna love all things nature....

I am a sucker for all things furry and four legged and am currently the loving mom of 3 horses and 1 cat.

Nothing lights me up or contributes to my health and happiness more than a good adventure! Among my favorites are trail running, backpacking and exploring the trails with my horses.

I also love hanging out in the garden in my bare feet!

I am so thankful to have found my home in Millarville and for the opportunity to share my work in support of health and wellness in the Foothills community.

I completed my 2200-hour Massage Therapy in June, 2005. The focus of my practice has always centered around self care and stress management, as these have also been my biggest health challenges.

When I am the busiest or stress is the highest, I tend to avoid health sustaining practices, like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, or engaging in the things that matter to me the most. I have witnessed this in my clients as well. I draw on my personal experience of tension and stress within my own body to support others in learning to manage it within themselves.

Here are a few of my guiding principles:

  • Self care and connection are priority # 1
  • Movement is medicine
  • A strong, healthy body is paramount to an active and adventurous life