Little Souls with Keara & Natalie

Little Souls returns on January 16th at 5 pm.   

Have your child create their own unique mini meditation which will allow them to feel their own version of peace and stillness inside their mind, body and soul.

In this 4-week series, your child will get to explore the benefits of meditation and the power of mantras.

More importantly, your child will get to tap into their creativity, playfulness and exploration as they develop their own mini meditation and mantra that is unique and powerful to them.

Let your child feel empowered, and be shown that they have the independence and power to create these tools for themselves. Let them play with their imagination, add their unique personality and allow them to connect with meditation and mantras on a deeper level.

Yoga and breathing techniques will also be a part of the classes as we all know how much these little souls love to move! An introduction to the beauty of Mandala’s will be demonstrated through art projects!

This 4-week workshop starts Wednesday, January 16th at Balance Everywear from 5:00 to 6:30 every Wednesday. Last class is February 6th.

Ages: 7 to 12. 

Investment is $120.00 for the 4 week class. Please reserve your child's spot by e-transfer payment to

If you have any questions, please email

For more information about their new, upcoming session, please feel free to reach out.


Balance Everywear

Little Souls Emotional Empowerment Series

Emotional Intelligence is a wide range of skills that children of all ages can develop and improve. These skills are critical for emotional wellbeing and life success.

Pretty much as soon as they’re verbal, children can be taught to identify and communicate their feelings. In a trusted environment where emotions are talked about openly, most kids will speak freely about their feelings and are quick to have empathy for their peers.

This class is a fun, engaging, and creative yoga class. While we honour the spirit within each child and love to foster their creativity we also want them to benefit physically and mentally from yoga. We also believe it is important to teach our children how to start noticing their own feelings and energy, bringing awareness to how it feels and letting them explore tools to be able to manage it as well as consider the feelings of others. 

Your child will participate in activities where they will connect through 

*Movement in a mind-body connection yoga practice
*Grounding techniques through breathing & the use of essential oils
*Visual and artistic freedom through art
*Meditation and Mindfulness 
*Emotional Intelligence Exercises. 
*Resources of what we did in class will be given to parents to allow you to continue these tools and techniques at home. 

This workshop will be a fun and tangible experience to help your child understand themselves as the wonderful individuals that they are! 

Age: 7-12 (this is a range. If you feel that your child would really benefit from this and is just outside this age range please contact us) 

Investment for your child:

$100.00 ($25 per class) for the four-week series (starting on November 14th going to December 5th) 

$180.00 for a buddy pass (2 children-no need to be siblings. Ends up being 90 per child) for the four weeks (starting on November 14th going to December 5th) 

To reserve your child’s spot please send payment via etransfer to or you can register on Eventbrite 

**We do ask that an adult comes in with the child to sign a waiver and emergency contact information.

**What to bring: water bottle, yoga mat, blanket or sweater for cool down. 

Any questions please feel free to reach out!