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Kimberly Garner leads drumming meditations for inner healing, open to all adults. 



Join me each Monday evening Balance Everywear in Okotoks for a focus on each of the seven main chakras. Each week, we will cleanse one chakra, using meditation, the archetypes of Munay-Ki, and Positive Affirmations. Each week, you will be given a handout to take home with you, giving you information on each chakra and archetype.

Week One: The Root Chakra/Serpant
Week Two: The Sacral Chakra/Jaguar
Week Three: The Solar Plexus Chakra/Hummingbir
Week Four: The Heart Chakra/Eagle
Week Five: The Throat Chakra/Huascar
Week Six: The Brow Chakra/Quetzelcoatl
Week Seven: The Crown Chakra/Pachakuti

Participants need to bring a yoga mat and journal. It is strongly suggested that you also have a pillow and blanket. Bolsters are available for you to use in the studio. You may also wish to bring a sacred object, such as a rock, crystal, or other item to place on the altar to absorb positive energy. Candles for the Fire Cleansing will be provided to each participant. 

Cost of cleansing your chakras: $140/registered participants
*Drop-ins are welcome, but only if there is space remaining after registered participants. Drop-in charges are $25/session. Please register with Kim at:  Soul Connections Tribe or email:



Session A: Experience THE HEALING JOURNEY over a four week session: Discover Your Spirit Animal, Journey to Your Inner Child, Releasing Grief and The Secret Garden. 

The Healing Journey 

The Healing Journey begins Monday, September 10th at 8 pm for four weeks.


Session B: Past Life Regression Series

Do you have irrational fears, habits, ailments, or other stressors in your life that you can not explain? They may be due to a trauma in a past life. Come join me at Balance Everywear on Tuesdays, starting at 8:00 pm to explore your past through meditation. I will guide you back in time to before you were born, and your Spirit Guide will direct your soul back to the life where the tragedy or trauma occurred, helping you to understand where your difficulties today come from. Your Spirit Guide will help you deal with these issues in a loving, gentle manner, enabling you to come back to the present stronger, and ready to take charge and overcome!

Class One: Meet Your Spirit Guides
Class Two: Journey to First Past Life
Class Three: Journey to Second Past Life
Class Four: Journey to Third Past Life

Each class starts with a gentle chakra cleanse, then a drumming or music meditation to bring you back to the life you are meant to explore. Discussion afterward.

*100% of the proceeds from the class go to the Alphonse Brothers Foundation in Haiti. Cost for the class is $70 for all four, or $20/drop-in session. Please register, as there is limited space in the room. See my facebook page,

For more detailed descriptions of each of the sessions, please click on the Facebook event links provided or reach out to Kimberly at




Kimberly has her Master Usui Reiki certification, and has been practicing for several years.  Recently, Kimberly achieved her certification as an Angel Healing Therapy Practitioner, as well as in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT).  She also specializes in Past Life Regressions. Shamanic healing through meditation and drumming circles has proven to be an incredibly effective and natural healing method for children, teens, and adults, and Kimberly is passionate about sharing this healing with others.  Based on this, she began her business, Pathways to Freedom, in 2017, and is excited to bring these courses to Balance Everywear.

* Bachelor of Education

* Past Life Regression Certificate

* Empowered to Connect Certificate

* Angel Therapy Practitioner Diploma

* Reactive Emotional Behaviour Therapy Certificate

* Children of Trauma Certificate

* dot b Mindfulness Level One Certification

*Munay-ki Practitioner

Learn more about Kimberly and the gift she offers through her classes by visiting her Facebook group.  Click HERE.  

Spring 2018 registered sessions have started.  Please contact Kimberly for more information about how to join. 

Mondays (alternating weeks) Men & Mixed at 8 pm
Mondays (alternating weeks)  Youth at 7 pm