Andrea Siqueira - Simplified Tai Chi

  Simplified Tai Chi with Andrea Siqueira 

Andrea teaches SImplified Tai Chi, working on seven movements that are easy to follow, yet highly effective. Tai Chi is meditation in motion, quieting the mind, improving balance, memory, breathing and flexibility.  Guaranteed small group. Class size will be between 4 and 6 participants.
Winter classes starting starting Friday February 28th at 3pm


For more information and to register for her upcoming sessions, please contact Andrea at 403.999.3398 or
Feel free to visit Andrea's website HERE or her Facebook page HERE.



Learn more about instructor, Andrea 

Chi Running and Walking got me curious to learn Tai Chi and I was very inspired by my Chi running coach Angela James from Vancouver that introduced me to the sequences of the Tai Chi practice. I was thrilled when Tai Chi classes were being offered in Okotoks through our Town programs. October 2017 is when I started my Tai Chi practice on weekly basis and I was progressing through the sequences with a relatively good pace. I felt very present in the practice, it truly is meditation in motion and I could see how beneficial this practice can be for my mental health. Here I was connecting the dots, my Kindermusik program, Chi Running and Walking practice and coaching, and now the Tai Chi practice.

Christmas of 2017, I received an email from Jane Sponiar my Tai Chi instructor inquiring if I would be interested in teaching Simplified Tai Chi! I was taken aback as I was just starting to learn Tai Chi myself. However, Jane mentioned that she would offer this to me as I was already teaching Chi Running and also being a  Kindermusik Educator and I have the teaching background necessary to teach the Simplified version of Tai Chi. I was deeply honored and accepted the challenge with open arms as I was thrilled that my instructor believed in me and my ability.

I feel so blessed to have learned so much in the last year and a half. Truly it has been a time of evolving and changing, a process of self-discovery of sorts, physically, mentally and spiritually. I hope to continue the process of discovering the chi within me as I nurture and help others to discover the chi within them.

♥ Much peace, happiness and lots of LOVE! ♥