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Meet Shawna Stienwand, the proud owner of Balance EveryWear (previously Believe Fit Calgary).  Shawna, along with her husband, Kelly, purchased Believe Fit in December 2015, which evolved to Balance Everywear April 1, 2017.

Shawna is proud to support active living by providing her customers with an exceptional, hand-chosen selection of premium activewear and supplements.  Shawna is a fitness instructor and yoga teacher.  She chooses each piece of clothing you'll find in the store based on personal, sweat-proven experience. She also listens to her customer and her client feedback, resulting in amazing options for their workout (and leisure) wear.  

Shawna believes that success in life comes with hard work and surrounding herself with amazing people. You will see this in her team of staff, ambassadors and partner businesses. 


Jessica, Shelby, Shawna, Tanya, Sonya & Fawn

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Visit our store in historic downtown Okotoks at:

19 Elma Street, Okotoks, AB  T1S 1J7

Or call us at: (587) 438-8299


 Learn more about our move to Okotoks.  We were thrilled with our article in okotoksonline.com  

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We believe that surrounding ourselves with strong and energetic people will be key to our success and more importantly, to the experience our guests receive when they visit our store.

We are proud of our Balance Everywear Team and know you will find their energy warm, friendly and helpful.

Get to know our team and our philosophy behind balance! 


Owner, Shawna Stienwand 

Some of you may already know me, if you have come into my store.  I love working with my wonderful, inspiring Balance Family, both including my staff and my customers.  For those who are just meeting me, my real passion (outside of my family) 😊 is to “ MOVE IT”.  I have been a part of the fitness movement for the past 25 years.  Expanding my training over those years to include group fitness, spin, boot camps, cardio classes, yin and flow yoga.  I really love it all and have a soft spot for the opportunities I get within these trainings to really connect and reach out to those who join me.  When I am not “moving it”, you will find me cleaning my house.  Really, I do like to do this.  I am so thankful for what I have that I like to look after it.  A little crazy I know but totally true.   And I love Caesar Salad.  Seriously.

Work, Play, Life has a different meaning for us all depending on our own personal path.  I pursue this daily with some balance at times and imbalance at others (and then a little wine!).   Well, really what’s a girl to do?   So… work hard at what’s important to you.  For me this is patience and kindness, with a drop of real life work.  Add some play and include those you love.  I love my family!  Most of all LIVE your life. No experience is unworthy😊

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Fawn wants to live in a world where houses come with fully stocked libraries, taco stands are on every corner and a natural force field exists that repels dog hair from black clothing and furniture.

With a thirst for knowledge and an unwaving interest in, well too many things to name, she has an extensive background in the health industry with over a decade in holistic health, holistic nutrition, Reiki, and meditation.

In her downtime, you can find her hunting down the next big workout trend, catching up on the lastest social media video, chasing around furball Pomeranians or listening to a new podcast as she researches a new trail to hike.

Her passion for fashion is well known among her friends and family, but it is her love of activewear that is notorious. This is what brought her to the door of Balance Everywear. But what makes her stay is the beautiful, amazing and motivational women that she gets to work with everyday.

Our amazing social media presence is all because of this girl.  Fawn is a creative soul who we couldn't live without. 

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Fitness plays an enormous role in Tanya Frew’s life and she continues to evolve her fitness level by taking on new challenges, continually educating herself and following her dreams. She thrives on inspiring others along the way as a fitness and lifestyle coach as well as client transformations.

Tanya began participating in fitness and bikini competitions four years ago, competing 9 times, often placing in the top 5. During this time, she gathered invaluable knowledge about the body, mind, nutrition, posing and the science involved in fitness. She loves that there is always something new to learn from the fitness industry, knowledge which she then applies to help her clients reach their goals.

Her main goal is to pass on her knowledge and experience and to motivate her clients to always be better and always strive to reach their goals.

Take what you learn, share it, pay it forward and live a healthy consistent lifestyle customized to you, your life and your vision of success.



I have been involved in the running community for the past 20 years and competed in triathlon for 10 years.  Since 2004, I have run 10 marathons and finished 2 Ironmans, along with countless half’s and other distance races.  I’m an avid cyclist and ride with the Highwood Cycling Group, out of Okotoks.  I lead a Women’s Ride Group through Highwood Cycling, to provide women an opportunity to gain endurance, skills, and confidence for road riding. I continue to enjoy cycling and running, along with swimming, bootcamp and strength training.  I appreciate time on my mat and I know that yoga is a must-have in my life to stay injury-free…and balanced, both physically and mentally.

I’m a go-getter and people-lover.  I’m a huge believer in “inner beauty”, smiles for everyone and sharing my abundance of energy.  Over the past few years, I have focused on patience, learning to simmer down and respecting alone time.  Although always an awareness and definitely a work in progress, balance in my work, play and life is better than it has ever been, allowing me to offer my best to my husband, family, friends and most importantly, myself.

Photographer: @tim_dardis_photography