Suntree Soaps

Made in Okotoks.  Available at Balance Everywear in Okotoks, Canada



COCONUT OIL: Creates lovely bubbly & creamy lather. Very conditioning & moisturizing. Gentle on sensitive skin. Makes a hard and long-lasting bar.

OLIVE OIL: Very moisturizing and can help to relieve dry skin, reduce scars, and is also known to help treat rashes, psoriasis, eczema and acne. Its antioxidant properties and Vitamin E content are renowned for nourishing, cleansing, moisturising and protecting skin against the signs of ageing!

SUNFLOWER OIL:  High in vitamins A, C, D & E, which together form a protective barrier on your skin. Bacteria is kept out while moisture is kept in.  Also contains Beta-carotene which neutralizes the free radicals that dare to penetrate your skin.

UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER: Contains skin loving vitamins & minerals such as A, C & E. Has naturally occurring antibacterial compounds. Creates a gentle bar that softens skin and is rich in moisture.

CASTOR OIL:  Amazing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Creates wonderful lather. Has conditioning and moisturizing properties. Known to reduce scars, blemishes & prevent stretch marks.



OATMEAL SOAP: Relives skin irritation, exfoliates the skin naturally, moisturizes & smoothes skin, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

LEMONGRASS: Antiseptic, boosts energy, kills bacteria, natural deodorizer, stress reliever.

PEPPERMINT: Relaxing & calming, antibacterial properties, relieves itchiness & irritation, soothes sore muscles, cools down skin inflammation caused by acne/blemishes.

LAVENDER: Reduces stress & anxiety, natural deodorant, calming & sedative qualities, soothes acne.

EUCALYPTUS: Decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, relaxes sore muscles, antiseptic.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Treats acne, detoxifies skin, helps to unclog pores, gentle exfoliant, calms irritated skin, relieves itching & soothes bug bites.

ANISE: Antiseptic, aids in the faster healing of wounds, insecticide, decongestant, calming properties.

CEDARWOOD: Soothes eczema & itchy skin, anti-inflammatory, insect repellant, treats oily skin, calming.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT: High in antioxidants, antibacterial, reduces stress, soothes muscle aches.

PATCHOULI: Soothes eczema & dry skin, scar reducing properties, regenerates new skin cells, natural deodorant, antibacterial, uplifts your mood.

LIME: Full of antioxidants. Has antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Astringent like properties to help with oily skin.

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