What does Being Fit Mean to You

Being fit – what does this really mean? I can pretty much guarantee it means something completely different to me than it does to you or your neighbour or my barista. Being fit is very individual…By now hopefully you are very aware that your body is different than every one else’s; and that trying to achieve the look of someone else’s body is the perfect way to make yourself miserable.

As far as I’m concerned fitness and/or being fit is defined by what you can do. Feeling the power and ability to take on any adventure life presents is what fitness is all about. So if I am committed to being and staying fit for life, do I really want it to consume my life…HECK NO!!

If I told you it’s very much possible to be fit (and for me the fittest I’ve ever been) in 20-30 minutes would you believe me?

It is!


Have you heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

How about ELXFIT (EnergyLife Xpress Fitness)?

Well both are totally awesome! And here to help you be your fittest in 30 minutes a day.


HIIT is an incredible training style that has been proven over and over to be highly effective at getting results. These workouts are short (12-30 minutes) and intense. The basic premise is an intense interval (20-60 seconds) with a brief recovery period (10-30 seconds) that isn’t quite enough time to fully recover, and then repeat.


ELXFIT is my program. Workouts designed for those of us who want to be fit without committing our lives to it.

Prior to having kids I was completely immersed in the “gym life”. I’d train for a couple hours a day, an hour with weights and another hour of cardio. I was in great shape. However fast forward a few years and all of sudden I have 2 little kids and essentially not a a free moment. There is no way I could carve out 2 hours (plus travel time) to make it to the gym. And yet it is now more important to me than ever that I am fit and healthy. So here is what I’ve learned:

1) It’s not going to be easy – Find a simple system that pushes you to train harder than you want to. Give it your all every single workout, after all you only need 30 minutes!


2) I NEED at least 30 minutes a day for me– I do my workouts at home most days with my kids in the room but I’ve discovered that they need to be occupied. Remember your workouts should not feel easy and this sometimes happens if we’re distracted. You want to be focused and in the present with what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Give yourself this time so you can then be present with your family and others the rest of the day.


3) CONSISTENCY. CONSISTENCY. CONSISTENCY  – Be committed. I treat my workouts the same way I teach my 4 year son the importance of saying please and thank you. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses.


4) Support is invaluable – There will be days when you just don’t think you can do it, and that’s when your community will make sure you do. Join a group that is living the life you are creating for yourself.


So with all of this in mind I am excited to share today’s ELXFIT workout with you. Wednesday’s at ELXFIT always feature a FUN “All You Need Is You” workout. This means no equipment required – all bodyweight. You can drop and do this workout anywhere!!



Have fun!! And sweat LOTS!


Charly Kelly Believe Fit Ambassador

Owner of ELXFIT (.com)