Staying Healthy and Happy on the Road

Usually ~ USUALLY ~ I am a pretty dedicated advocate of disciplined living on the road. Good eats, plenty of exercise with a little fun peppered in. When you’re travelling it can be exceptionally hard to stay healthy and when you’re on the road for an undisclosed amount of time? This is a true challenge.

I have found myself on the road now for two weeks, possibly two more weeks ahead and boy has it been rough.

With 8 hour driving days in the first week all I could do was eat right, drink water and try to get sleep as best I could – physical fitness went out the window. Week two however, was a game changer. Rented apartment with full services and an actual neighbourhood to live in equals thriving.

I’m writing this post for my gypsy friends, my workaholic brethren and for those of you who have no choice but to be in a constant state of travel/disarray/busy. You can still do right by your body and mind while taking it easy and staying sane.


Here are my top 5 tips for staying #FitOnTheRoad


1)       Stop Instagramming and get googling.

Search out hotels or AirBnB locations with either a gym or yoga/fitness studio in the building or one offsite but close. Ensure they observe drop-ins and find one that fits your budget. In this day and age there is a studio you can visit that will at the very least get your body moving.

No options? As in, stranded in a remote village? Make it part of your pre-trip packing to download equipment-free HIIT or Yoga videos to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Try a couple of the apps below on for size:


  •       Emily Skye (workout app)

  •       My Road Workout (workout app)

  •       Cody (yoga/pilates app)

  •       Yogify (yoga app)

  •       Daily Workouts FREE (workout app)   


2) Order pre-made meals or grocery delivery.

There is nearly no way to get out of making healthy choices these days. You can utilize the services of an athlete meal prep company or “on the go” meal prep company to have your food delivered right to your door OR find an easy pick up location. More often than not, the cost of pre-made meals can be quite competitive if you use the right company. Grocery stores can have a lot of healthy selection in their deli department as well – be sure to choose hotel rooms or rentals with refrigeration and microwaves if possible. No delivery? No problem. We’ve all been there before. If you’re on a shorter journey you can pack your own healthy meals with you in a well constructed carry-all designed to keep them fresh. My friends at Believe Fit Calgary have an amazing assortment of 6 pack meal bags and other to go carriers you should check out as well!

My go-to meal delivery companies are:

USA – ,


3)      Cut the booze.

Easier said than done sometimes however alcohol can cause us to have uneasy sleeps, rough mornings and also diminishes our ability to burn fat. Try curbing your cravings by flavouring your water with lemon, lime or cucumber, fresh juice with a splash of soda or a hot tea.

Try these cool “mocktails” out if you’ve got your own kitchen or a helpful server:

4)      Stay true to your alarm clock.

Nothing throws off a traveler more than time-zone changes. What’s worse is when we refuse to acknowledge that time change and remain all over the map with our sleep/work/living patterns. Set your clocks & alarms to get adjusted to your local time zone as quickly as possible. Feel free to cave for a 15-minute catnap as needed but do your best to adjust sooner than later.


Major jet lag sufferer? Try a few of these tips:

A: use your flight time to reset – sleep to match your destination time-zone

B: don’t pull any all nighters before you depart

C: arrive in daylight if you can

D: avoid on-board alcohol

E: eat 3 meals for your time-zone – even if you aren’t hungry

F: stretch & exercise

G: get all the daylight you can – nap when you need to


5)  Hydrate & Meditate.

You’re hearing it all over the news and in print; yoga and meditation are being recommended (along with plant-based diets) by so many health professionals now. Why? Well, it gets your mind right and without that, your body is sure to fail you. Hydration, or lack thereof is also key to travelling well, staying clear, focused and rested. Take this recommendation on your next travels and see how it works for you:


A: Before you open your eyes each morning use an easy meditation practice of noticing you are away from toe to head. With eyes closed, scan your body from foot to hair acknowledging them with a wriggle or squeeze once or twice as you move up your body.


B: Wake up each morning to a glass of room temperature water (buy a “real lemon” supplement if you have time to and add).


C: Complete some easy stretches before hopping into a quick COOL water shower. Hot showers will keep you drowsy ~ we want to promote alertness.


D: Breakfast ~ make it count. Simple oatmeal and a few berries are GREAT and you can find travel sizes too. If not, be sure to pack some dried quick oats, dried berries and stevia as a sweetener. You can add hot water in your hotel room and voila!


E: Stay hydrated all day, use an earth friendly 1 litre/1 quart vessel that you can refill easily anywhere all day. Ensure you have at least 3 litres before bed – BUT not all at once in a rush. Being up all night having to go to the washroom isn’t good for your sleep.


F: Be mindful and try walking or moving meditation. For example: if you are walking between long blocks to meetings, try breathing in and out to the beat of three paces – three paces breathing in, three breathing out.

Staying healthy and happy on the road takes a lot of effort and genuine desire on our part to achieve successfully. There is no one “way” to stay fit, stay rested or remain cheery while traveling – so do what you can in-part with these time tested suggestions to keep well.


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Bon voyage, a la prochaine!


Blog Post written by Sasha (Gray) Williams, Balance Everywear YYC Ambassador