Staying Active and Eating Healthy Over the Holidays by Guest Blogger, Chantel Gogowich, Balance Everywear Ambassador

Staying Active and Eating Healthy Over the Holidays submitted by Guest Blogger, Chantel Gogowich, Balance Everywear Ambassador

It’s that time of the year again when candy canes, gingerbread houses, and Christmas cookies are prevalent. Your schedule is busy with plenty of holiday parties to attend to, family obligations, and shopping to complete. Sometimes we can get consumed by the holidays and tend to over indulge in treats and alcoholic beverages. It, however, is important to not forget about our physical and mental wellbeing. We have all experienced that guilt after the holidays when we have put on a few pounds and just don’t have the same energy we did before. Not to worry here are some helpful tips and tricks for the holiday season!

In order to have success and maintain balance, you must plan ahead. This way you can ensure your goals are a priority. One of the most common mistakes people make is not eating throughout the day and “saving” their calories for a get together or gathering.  This can be detrimental as we then tend to over eat and over indulge. Not eating regularly throughout the day can slow your metabolism.  I’m not saying don’t go out and celebrate but try to limit yourself to “clean” foods and ensure your hydrated.  Avoid sugary alcoholic beverages or ones that contain a lot of fat such as cream liquors. These are just empty calories.  A good suggestion is lemon water, soda water, BCAA, or perhaps some red wine or a vodka soda. In addition to this fill up on veggies and hummus, avoid deep fried items, and processed carbs that contain a lot of sugar.  When tempted by treats ask yourself what nutritional value is this providing my body?  Try planning a potluck when meeting with family or friends. This way you can ensure you have wholesome food you can eat. You could even test out a new healthy recipe. Also, try to avoid taking any leftovers. If you don’t have treats the house you aren’t going to eat them!

You should not only keep your diet top of mind but also your physically wellbeing. This can be hard this time of year simply due to the limited sunshine and cold weather but being active is a commitment you must make for yourself. Our schedules are always busy regardless of what time of the year it is so there’s no excuse.  A great way to manage your schedule is to time block your workouts in your phone just like any other appointment. Instead of going for lunch with family or friends you could sign up for a fitness class such as Spin, Boxing, Yoga, Barre, HIIT, or Lagree.  When making a commitment to a friend or class your less likely to miss it. You could also take advantage of the weather and enjoy the outdoors. Get out and go ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or downhill skiing. Simply bundle up and get outdoors even if it’s just to shovel the driveway or go for a walk.

When living a healthy active lifestyle try to acknowledge everything within moderation. Christmas is only one day out of the year so there is no need to indulge for weeks on end.  Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t completely stay on track.  Know that there is always tomorrow to continue to pursue your goals. Take the time this season to create and maintain a new fitness tradition that will produce a lifelong commitment of health to you and your family!

~ Chantel

Chantel is one of Balance Everywear's 2017 Ambassadors.  To read more about Chantel, please visit our Ambassador page