Nutrition Simplified by Guest Blogger, Rae-Ann Dodd, Balance Everywear Ambassador & Owner of

Nutrition Simplified

Submitted by guest blogger, Rae-Ann Dodd
Balance Everywear ambassador & owner of

Most of us want to eat healthier, feel better, have energy, and enjoy life without counting every calorie we eat. Sometimes (especially with the internet) this task can seem overwhelming with all the information out there plus every miracle diet, fat loss food, and lists of eat this not that popping up with our search.  Here we’ll break down some easy tools you can use to make simple shifts with your nutrition, which will have your feeling more confident!

Eat every 3-4 hours. This helps spread your meals across the day and will prevent you from feeling stuffed after some meals and ravenous at other times.

When you look at your plate you want half of it to be veggies, a quarter of it to be protein, an eighth starch and an eighth fats. These suggestions are based on eating 4 meals a day and for the generally healthy individual with no food limitations due to illness or allergy.



1-2 fist sized servings at each meal

Think things like Cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), spinach, green beans, asparagus, whatever non-starchy veggies you enjoy.


Size of the palm of your hand

Think lean red meat, salmon, tuna, cod, basa, eggs, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, protein powder, chicken, turkey, venison, bison


1 cupped handful

Quinoa, whole oats (or steel cut or old fashioned), potatoes, sweet potatoes, sprouted grain bread/cereal/pasta

Mixed berries, apples, pears, grapes, citrus and tropical fruits


Size of your thumb

Raw unsalted nuts, avocados, EVOO, fish oil, seeds, coconut oil


Some tips:

  • Eat minimally processed, aim for whole foods as much as possible
  • Stop when 75-80% full (this will take a little time if you are not used to listening to your hunger cues but typically if you’re hungry again between 3-4 hours later you ate enough at the previous meal)
  • Slow down and remove distractions (i.e. tv, phones, electronics – this will help with being able to pick up on your bodies hunger/fullness cues)
  • Drink fluids with few ingredients and calories (think fruit flavored tea if you like something sweet and water is always your friend)
  • Plan meals ahead of time and prep your food (i.e. pre-cut veggies and cooked protein in the fridge or freezer)
  • Eat a wide variety of foods (so you don’t get bored and get a mix of nutrients)


 I like to have clients drink 500 ml of water upon waking. We’ve just been out of commission for 7, 8 or 9 hours and we’re dehydrated. Drinking water before you eat ensures we’re getting re-hydrated faster. Not use to this much water in the morning? Start with 250 ml.

 At your maintenance size? Think 80% nutrient dense and 20% fun for whatever feeds your soul. This 20% should be things where the satisfaction factor is a 9 or 10 out of 10 so you don’t need a lot to really enjoy it.

Looking to lean out? Think 90% nutrient dense and 10% fun. If you’re eating 4 times a day, that’s 28 meals per week.  If you’re at maintenance, that means 5-6 meals during the week you can have a little fun with. If you’re looking to lean out, that’s 2-3 meals you can have fun with.     

The best plan is one you enjoy and can stick to. By making healthy eating a lifestyle, you are going to have more success and enjoy the benefits of the simple shifts you’ve made. Sometimes creating new habits is challenging so remember to be kind to yourself. Picking up one new healthy habit and releasing one that’s keeping you from your goals each month (or week) is all progress in the right direction. I find that small simple shifts are more successful with clients in the long run because they are sustainable. Figure out what works for you, and what you enjoy, and you will find your sweet spot for success. 









 Rae-Ann is a personal trainer, group fitness trainer as well as a certified fitness nutrition specialist. For information on the services she provides, you can go to or follow her on Instagram @raeann.dodd

Rae-Ann is also a 2017 Ambassador for Balance Everywear.  To view her profile, please click through to our Ambassador page.


Photo Credits: @erinbrookeburns, Erich Saide, Ron Sombilon and a selfie by Rae-Ann