Make it Happen!

Make It Happen: A Reminder from Danielle Laporte For We Are Lost In All

I sometimes feel like I am not doing enough. Not being my best. Questioning choices I’ve made. Missing out in something. Anxious that I’ve taken on too much. Worried about the future. Frustrated with people and situations. Denying my aspirations. Confused about my next step. Wanting it all, but not sure how to do it.


Since I’ve gone back to work after having my two children, all of the above has certainly been magnified, although I know I felt these things much before the days of motherhood. Wherever we are in life, it’s likely we feel such sentiments, at least once in awhile.


There are so many things we all want to achieve, but sometimes it’s just easier to brush dreams to the side, unsure of how to even begin.

Several years ago, I started following the work of Canadian author and speaker Danielle Laporte after coming across a short video: A Credo For Making It Happen. It was everything I needed to hear in 1.5 minutes.

I have watched it a few times a year since 2012, and I continue to gain from it. I wanted to share it with our Believe Fit YYC’ers. It’s a pep talk we all could use, and I hope it enlightens you too.


 By: Kelly MacKay, Balance Everywear YYC Ambassador [@kel.mackay]